ARTISTS  Unknown  Kurt Schwitters  Samson Young  Sue Thompson Sue Tompkins  Sue Tompkins

the slowing-down process was much faster than the speeding-up

ARTISTS  Hanne Darboven
  Unknown [Bouganville Island loom]  Unknown [Mexican motifs and letter design by students]  Mirtha Dermisache  Simone Forti


ARTISTS  Anni Albers on weaving   Giorgio Morandi  Kate Newby  Kate Newby  Oliver Beer 

theatres of

ARTISTS  Marcel Duchamp  Hannah Rickards  Hélène Cixous  Stuart Ringholt  Ulla von Brandenburg      

56 - Yes, this is a piece.

ARTISTS Anni Albers and her parents, Mexico 1937  Unknown [Antique Japanese boro]  Eve Hesse  Gerard Crewdson  Susan Te Kahurangi King

The indistinction between the rhetorical figure and the lunlulae often used to mark it.

ARTISTS Camille Heisler  Isa Genzken   Unknown [Lunulae]  Susan Howe  Unknown [white ground lekythos]