make room (music added)

ARTISTS Cornelia Parker  Henri Lefebvre (poet)   Marisa Mertz  Mary Heilmann  YOON Qwang-Cho

Afraid (making art is exactly the right thing)

ARTISTS Joseph Beuys  Bruce Conner   Martin Kippenberger   Tacita Dean (Michael Hamburger)  Joelle Tuerlinckx


ARTISTS  Hieronymus Bosch  Cy Twombly   Ezra Pound   Jack Kerouac  Pablo Picasso

I am surprised every morning

ARTISTS  Alfred Salmony Europe-Ostasien Religiose Skulpturen 1992   Kai Althoff   Iain Kier   Egyptian tomb entry   Chris Marker The Mystery of Koumiko

an inner disposition seeks certain kinds of things

ARTISTS  Arata Isozaki Mondrian Tea House  Roland Barthes   Marcel Duchamp + Frederick Keisler Rain Room 1947   Wim Wenders Tokyo-ga Francois Ozu  T.Nelson Downes Modern Coin manipulation London 1900

a.k.a. waterfalls

ARTISTS  Andre Malraux  Camille Henrot  T.S.Eliot  Unknown [loin coverings] Yuhara Atsuta