successful hint / all things being

ARTISTS Agathe Snow  David Ireland  Gite Villesen  Marieta Chirulescu  Simon Starling

I can't see it

ARTISTS Cildo Meireles  Iannis Xenakis  Kitty Kraus  Rosa Barba Sharon Lockhart

at once myself and other

ARTISTS Bas Jan Ader  Gedi Sibony  Ian Kiaer  Lawrence Weiner  Michelle Ussher

three kinds of enlightenment

ARTISTS Fischli and Weiss  Leslie Hewitt  May Heilmann  Mikala Dwyer  Judy Pfaff


ARTISTS  Man Ray  Duchamp  Roni Horn  Rose Nolan  Sally Smart

we came home after dark

ARTISTS  Anri Sala  David Maljkovic  Gordon Matta-Clark  James Turrell   Salagramas for meditation Rajasthan 1700's


ARTISTS  Carol Bove  Gabriel Orozco   Gareth Long   Yves Klein  Lucy Lippard


ARTISTS  Sophie Calle (Valerie Lermite)  Yves Klein   Sappho (I would not think to touch the sky with two hands) Anne Carson (trans.)    Yves Klein  Lucy Lippard

objects seeking placement

ARTISTS  Anri Sala  Mona Hatoum  Eva Hesse  Anna Maiolino  Lygia Clark

existence unties hard knots

ARTISTS  Unknown (Hopi Indians watching dance)   Joseph Beuys   Lee Ufan  Mondo Caine   Unknown (Egpyt Symplegma 305-30BC)