repair work

ARTISTS  Laith McGregor   Luc Tymans   Mary Kelly   Andrea Zittel  Unknown [Mexico]

folded in my back pocket

ARTISTS  ?  Leonardo da Vinci  Duchamp  ?   Francis Picabia


ARTISTS  Hafif  Dietor Roth  ?  Victorian headband [Australian]  Michael Lett

fortelling a hurricane

ARTISTS  Sigmar Polke   Vienna Workshop   Guler art [India]   Richard Tuttle   Ellen Gallagher 

something, anything

ARTISTS  Bilder  On Karawa  On Karawa  Agnes Martin   Anna Barriball

portrait as line

ARTISTS  Francis Picabia  Ellen Gallagher  Stephen Mueller Charles Long  Unknown [India]  Bill Taylor

today is not tomorrow [why yellow]

ARTISTS  ?  Annie Albers  OnKarawa   Francis Alys  Unknown [child] 

sleeping god

ARTISTS  Bettina Speckner  Leon Vidal  Karl Freidrich Schinkel   Paul Outerbrige  Eva Hesse 


ARTISTS  [a little dust in their eyes]  Unknown [Mojiganga Mask]  Yves Klein  Forrest Bess  Arturo Herrera

but I am not someone who likes to wound rather I have a quiet mind

ARTISTS  Andrea Zittel  Ingres   Unknown (reliquary)  Orlan  Tom Freidman