where it gets close

ARTISTS  Anne Imhoff   Jasmine GuffordJoseph BeuysWilliam Cobbing    Yoko Ono

not our mother tongue

ARTISTS  Andrea Fraser   Eileen MylesEmily Wardhill Joan JonasJosephine Mead

ARTISTS  Andrea Fraser  Eileen Myles  Emily Wardhill   Joan Jonas  Josephine Mead

Taste the feeling

ARTISTS  Agnes Varda  Marcel Duchamp   Edith Dekyndt   Eva Hesse  Rossella Biscotti

an envelope is a thought

ARTISTS  Andrea Buttner   Gustav Klimpt   Nancy Spero   Ulrike Grossharth   Yoshiko Shimada

There is an appendix to the story

ARTISTS  Ann Hamilton   Baetrice Gibson   Alfonso Cuarón   Tomoko Momiyama   Unknown [Wiener Werkstätte]

nothings moving

ARTISTS  Agnieszka Holland   Marcel Broodthaers   Martin Creed   [symbolic image strumming technique]   Takehito Koganezawa

passing and as

ARTISTS  [Bunraku]   Charlotte Prodger   Dietor Roth  Marcel Duchamp  Makiko Yamamoto

acoustic thought

ARTISTS  Dorothea Raokbourne  Elizabeth Newman   Nancy Holt  Richard Tuttle  Snejanka Mihaylova

stasimon (sung in place)

ARTISTS  Benedikt Erlingsson  Hans Memling  Samson Young  Susan Phillipsz  Tarkovsky


ARTISTS  Unknown  Kurt Schwitters  Samson Young  Sue Thompson Sue Tompkins  Sue Tompkins