last things

ARTISTS  Clarice Lispector  Ingmar Bergman  W.G Sebald  Shinji Kanki  Agnes Martin

some long dead now

ARTISTS  Walker Evans  Jeremy Deller  Rosa Barba  Emeka Ogboh  Aikaterini Gegisian

friendship (with nothing to talk about)

ARTISTS  Atsuko Tanaka  Blinky Palermo  Louise Bourgeois   Moyra Davey  Sonia Delaunay

no matter how mundane some action may appear, keeping at it long enough and it becomes a contemplative, even meditative act

ARTISTS  Unknown [Furisode pine tree]  Unknown [inccense burner Asuka 7thC]  Unknown [Japanese chattering vessel]   Unknown [Noh masks]  Unknown [Japnsese tea bowl]


ARTISTS  Lois & Franziska Weinberger  Ryan Gander  Unknown [Shaker visiona]  Unknown [Japanese tokonoma]   Richard Tuttle

invitation to descend

ARTISTS  [Hummingbird courtship]  Ilya Kabakov  Solrun Hoas   Toshi   Cy Twombly 

odd one out

ARTISTS  Charles Burchfield  Joelle Tuerlinckx   Josef Daberning   Josef Bauer   Lygia Clark 

Instances of forms that send echoes

ARTISTS  Form of tension [Japan]  Francesca Woodman  Eva Hesse  Lygia Clark   pairs [Japan]  

my own words don't run through my head

ARTISTS  Elizabeth Bishop  Kleroterion Allotment machine for Divination 3BC  Postcard from Ernest Hemingway to Gertrude Stein & Alice Toklas  et al   Shaker Gift Song

Why are you waiting?

ARTISTS  Atsuko Tanaka  Boris Charmatz  Conlon Nancarrow  Joan Jonas  Robert Jacks